2018: Year of the Lady


Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! This past year I spent a lot of time working on my inner beauty and learning to mature as a woman both mentally and spiritually. Sounds corny, but so necessary as a young newlywed! This coming year, I'm going to start working on my outer beauty. Combining my work on both inner and outer beauty, I have coined this year my "Year of the Lady" where I actively work on transforming myself from spoiled little girl to a true Lady.

My first step towards becoming a Lady was to do something a little unladylike: tackling unwanted body hair. It was time to take the plunge and do laser hair removal.

I found Body Laser & Skin Clinic in Fairfax, VA from a quick good-old Google/Yelp search and decided to go based on the stellar reviews and their use of the Candela laser machine. I'm no expert on laser hair removal, but a search on RealSelf (think Yelp but for plastic surgery/dermatology) led me to believe that it is one of the safest and most effective mechanisms of laser hair removal. Sold!

Fast-forward to the day of my first appointment, firstly the place is a little difficult to find. It is hidden amongst a group of identical office buildings, with a teeny tiny sign outside. The reception area is clean but the decor is definitely outdated. Mina, the laser technician, was incredibly knowledgable and friendly off the bat. I am blessed with the gift of being impervious to bullshit sales tactics so I liked how she didn't push me on any extra packages or treatments.

I chose my underarms to be the first place I get laser hair removal, because armpit hair and using the word "armpit" is not ladylike! The Clinic charges $85 per session, with a minimum of six packages "because you need at least six for treatment to be effective" says Mina. When you pay for six sessions up front, you get 15% off. Mina also said that I was #blessed because Asians normally only need about 3 sessions of laser treatment for full results so I could use my remaining sessions on towards any other body part (lady stash I'm coming for you!).


My first session was about 7 minutes, she only needed a few minutes for each underarm. The treatment room is bright and spacious, much more spa-like than the waiting area. Mina had me lay on the spa table with little time to waste. The laser feels really, really really strange. It was almost like a strong intense itch that I wanted to furiously scratch but couldn't. In some spots it felt like a sharp sting. Mina moved so quickly though that the discomfort was minimal and easily forgettable. The air fills with the smell of burning hair and skin. The loud noise from the laser definitely makes it seem scarier than it actually is. Mina was very careful to assess my pain and tolerance levels throughout the session to ensure I was comfortable. There was a slight tingly feeling after I left the Clinic but it was gone by the time I got home. Immediately I ran upstairs yelling, "Take a picture of my armpits!!!!"

Here it is everyone- my first laser hair removal session. It has now been two hours since my pesky hairs were lasered and I have zero irritation and redness. The most noticable side effect has been that I keep flashing and snapchatting my underarms to everyone. Overall, the experience was extremely easy and I'm excited for the final result!


2018: Year of the Lady
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